Wines as "good as gold" from the Motherlode!


Do you have minerals IN the bottles?

Many have asked, and in actually there is probably gold in every bottle as our vineyard is on the ancient  Calaveras riverbed.  But how we got the name, Mineral Wines, is that our winemaker, Brett Keller has a renowned Mineral display and all of our wine labels celebrate the beauty of Minerals in Gemstones and the beauty of fine Calaveras wine.

Private Winemakers Dinner

Do you have Special Events at the Winery?

The Winery is located at the Vineyard Estate and open for Special Events such as Corporate luncheons, receptions, and dinners.  We can host up to 100 people outdoors with a lovely lakeside setting.


The secret is in the grapes!

Mineral Wines are grown and made in Calaveras County, where there is an illustrious history of wine in addition to the works of Mark Twain. During the years of the Gold Rush of 1849 gold was not the only treasure mined in this region, grapes and wine, too, were treasured.  During this time Calaveras County was the leading producer of wine grapes in California.  Our vineyard is located on the ancient Calaveras Riverbed in Angels Camp, CA.  In 1996, we planted consistent award winning Merlot, Viognier, Roussanne, and Petit Sirah.  

We are boutique, so where to get Mineral Wines.... online or

Sierra Foothills

  • Murphys Hotel
  • Camps Restaurant
  • Cascabel
  • Murphys Grille
  • Angels Market
  • Sierra Hills Market
  • Big Trees Market


  • A Frame Liquors
  • Petras at the Alpinhof
  • Mogul
  • Lakefront
  • Brasserie at Mammoth Rock n Bowl