White Wines

2018 Sweet Vee - $18


 Off-dry Viognier brimming with all the classic fruits of the variety...starting with floral aromas of white peach, lychee fruit, and jasmine. Then come flavors of Mango, Apricot, and Nectarine. Great with Asian cuisine. 


On the label 

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz, from the Smoky Hawk Mine, 

Teller County, Colorado

2018 Viognier - $19


  Viognier loves the warm days and cool nights of Calaveras County! Grown in our own vineyard, we see floral aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle, and peach, followed by rich apricot flavors and tropical fruit flavors. Enjoy on a warm day, with a spicier food or by itself.  

Red Wines

2016 Merlot - $28


 Not typical and NOT Common, this estate -grown Merlot has rare depth and darkness for the variety.  Savor the aromas of black cherry, boysenberry and vanilla, and let the rich, jammy flavors of crushed blackberries, plums, and toasty oak flood your plate.  

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Benitoite,  from the Dallas Gem Mine, San Benito County, California

(California State Gemstone)

2015 Meritage - $30


 Meritage, rhymes with Heritage.  This year's signature blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec pack loads of fruit characters! On the nose there is a touch of cedar and spice that really accentuates the cherry and cassis aromas. On the palate we have dense black cherry and currant flavors given by Cabernet and textbook blackberry characters from Merlot. Malbec gives a bit of extra weight, and there is a touch of oak on the finish.  

We hope you find it "Good as Gold."

On the label

Gold Crystals, Eagles Nest Mine 

Placer County,  Califonria

2015 Tempranillo - $28


 Warm days and cool nights are perfect growing conditions for this noble grape variety of Rioja, Spain.  Aromas of raspberries, blackberries and vanilla give way to intense and voluptuous flavors of plums, cherries, and berries.  Tempranillo is our favorite for spicy Cajun, Mexican, or Spanish tapas. 


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Wulfenite, from the Red Cloud Mine, La Paz County, Arizona

2016 Zinfandel - $29


The motherlode region is famous for Zinfandel, and our Zin comes from thirty year old vines in the Dogtown area in the hills above Angels Camp. Aromas of plums and blackcurrant greet the senses, and on the palate we find blackberry and wild berry flavors along with a little pepper spice. A nicely balanced California classic!!

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Azurite with Arsentsubebite  Tsumcorp Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia

2016 Syrah - $29


 This Syrah is made in the French style with great complexity, structure, and complex cherry and lavender aromas followed by rich berry flavors! Grown up-valley from our winery on Dogtown Road in Angels Camp!   

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Dioptase on Calcite

Tsumcorp Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia

2016 Estate Petite Sirah - $36


 Our Estate-Grown "Monster Pet" is our flagship varietal, from our 20+ year old roots. Petite Sirah truly does have a great home in Calaveras County, making this what we call our 'Berry Bomb', with buckets of wild berries coming in the nose and complex flavors, with layers of Blackcurrant, Blueberry and Blackberry Jam.  

On the label:  

Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine Alma, Colorado

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon - $29


The Sierra Foothill region's warm das and cool nights, along with a predictably warm harvest season allow great flavors in our Cabernet Sauvignon.  The vines are planted in a direct southerly exposure, which gives  optimum balance of ripeness and acidity.  Complex aromas of cassis, cherries, and cedar give way to concentrated flavors of blackcurrant and black cherry, framed with vanilla nuances.  

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Native Silver, Kongsberg, Norway

2017 Malbec - $30


The Malbec grape originates in the Bordeaux France, where it has been used for blending, but it has become the principal grape grown in Argentina. In Calaveras County, warm days, cool nights and low humidity make the ideal climate for Malbec, and here we have aromas of cherries, raspberries and lavender spice and flavors kind of like a Cherry Jolly Rancher

Why no Gold Medal?  It hasn't been judged yet ... from besides internally. 

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Amethyst from the Purple Haze Mine Jackson's Crossroad, Georgia 

2017 La Calavera - $36


60% Tempranillo

40% Malbec

La Calavera, The Skull, where Calveras County gets its name.  This blend of noble grapes of Spain and Argentina exhibits rich aromas of berries and sandalwood spice, followed by flavors of cherries, cassis, and blackberry....... Salute!

No medal?  It hasn't been sent in for judgding.    But we have high hopes! 

On the label

Benitoite from San Benito County, California

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